Are you ready to create your dreams?

Are you ready to create a life you absolutely love living?

Are you ready to give your dream the chance it deserves?

Are you ready to eliminate the self-sabatage, fear and uncertainty, and START pursuing a dream that will result in the joy and confidence you crave?

Imagine – a simple system for designing your dream and then having the confidence and support you need to go after it. I’ll guide you through this PROVEN, 90-day process for transforming your life so you can live a life you love AND make the difference in the world you know you’re meant to make.


Dear Friend,

Hello my name is Sherry Gideons

Does this sound familiar?


  • You’re dissatisfied with your life as it is, but you don’t know what you’d change or how. What if you could find a way to get crystal clear on what you REALLY want, and then have a plan to make it come true?
  • You’re not stepping out to do what you want to do because of guilt, worry, fear, just plain negative thinking, etc., and you desperately want to rid yourself of those obstacles and move forward with confidence. What if there was a system that would help you identify and remove those obstacles and show you how to move forward with confidence?
  • You’ve been successful in other areas of your life, but you can’t seem to create success in something you REALLY want? What if you could get personalized, step-by-step instruction for dissolving those blocks and changing your behavior so you could move forward with your dream full steam ahead?
  • You feel like you’ve hit a brick wall because you have a burning desire to go after your dream, but you don’t have the money to do it. What if there was a PROVEN system for increasing the money that came into your life easily and effortlessly?
  • You feel scared to believe in a dream you know isn’t yet real, but you have this longing to make it real. What if you could learn how you can make your dream real RIGHT NOW?
  • You constantly feel unsettled because you know you have choices but don’t know which path to take. What if there was a system for determining which path best fit your dream – or for creating the perfect path for you?

I’ve got GREAT news for you…

You are in the right place, right now!

I invite you to join me for my 90-Day Dream Builder Coaching system. The program, is based on Mary Morrissey’s proven dream building system, The Dream Builder.

Mary Morrissey is my mentor and is known around the world for being the foremost thinker and leading teacher of dream building technologies. Mary has known both great success and great failure, and from her experience she developed the proven dream building technologies and strategies revealed in this program. This system is the culmination of 30 years of study in the science of success. Just as learning how to use construction tools gives you the ability to build a home, a sky-scraper, or cathedral, so too will learning the tools set forth in The Dream Builder give you the ability to construct the very life you want most.

I have been there too! AND at one point in my life, I nearly lost my life…I lost everything, and I walked homeless on the streets. I’m not telling you this to make you feel sorry for me. I’m telling you this so you know I’ve been where you are. I’ve hit rock bottom (losing most of my possessions). I’ve struggled with relationships (married 2 times). I’ve almost died (two massive heart attacks between ages 31 and 39) and more.

I’ve experienced utter failure and fought back from it on more than one occasion. And I’ve experienced ultimate success. If I can do it, so can you. I’m here to show you HOW you can do it, without compromising your spirituality or values as you achieve success, no matter how dark things look right now.

What’s my secret? Making sure everything I teach and everything I do is rooted in the Spiritual Side of Success.

This is an absolutely critical component in clarifying exactly what you want, in going after it, and in achieving it.

The Dream Builder Kit includes: 16 teaching CDs, 1 meditation CD, a complete guidebook, all in a leather zippered binder.

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“Sherry Gideons is a wonderful motivator, inspiration, and effective teacher to work with.  She is truly dedicated to helping others live extrodinary lives!”
Ivie Obrien Northridge, California


Tell me more…

The Dream Builder Coaching Program is a PROVEN, 90-day process, which will take you from wherever you are now — stuck, frustrated, scared, unhappy — to confident and fulfilled as you learn exactly how to define your true dream and how to develop a concrete plan for achieving it. I will guide you through the 90-day process with a weekly teleconference call.

Here is a SAMPLING of what you will discover…

1. Dream Building’s Underlying Principle: What is Within You is Greater Than Anything in Your Surroundings When you are in harmony with your soul’s purpose, when you are in harmony with what you are here to be and do, things get easier. This is the most passionate, wondrous way to live life. During this module, we will discuss how to reveal to yourself what it is you really want to be, to do, to create or to give – without the limitations of time, education and money.

2. Building Your Dream: Defining What You Really Want The vast majority of people cannot answer the question, “What is your dream?” Can you? People tend to think about what is possible based on what they have right now — their current circumstances. They can’t see a different future. With The Dream Builder, you will learn how to reorient your thinking so that you can really explore possibilities – and set your sights on what you really want.

3. Discovering Whether Your Dream Is Right for You Your life is precious and unrepeatable. It is a gift from the universe to be shaped and molded. The way you shape each day creates a pattern that becomes a form that becomes an experience, which we ultimately call your life. During the first two modules of this course, you worked on defining your dream. Now that you have that dream in mind, the next step is to determine whether that dream is really right for you. Not whether you’re worthy of the dream, but rather, whether the dream is worthy of you.

4. Perception: Shifting Yours So You’re Ready for Change Most of us have limiting perceptions about ourselves that create doubt about the possibilities. Once you understand you are not your personality, and you are not your body (you have both, of course) – but you are a spiritual being having a human experience; then you can see the truth emerge and begin moving toward your dream. What’s the truth? The truth is you have absolutely unlimited creative capacities. You limit them with your own thinking and your own understanding, but once you can change your thinking, you hold the power to create whatever you want to.

5. Laying Claim to Your Sense of Deserving Once you’ve come to see yourself as the architect of your own life, rather than as the victim of circumstance, then you can begin to build your dream – one that requires your passion, your persistence, and a belief in yourself that you are really worthy of having this dream come true. It is now time to amplify your sense of feeling deserving because that amplifies and opens you up to the magnetic field that invokes the law of attraction to circumstances, situations, support – they come in by your sense of deserving to help you attract what you need to bring forth your dream.

6. Nurturing Your Dream: Maintaining the Integrity of Your Field So Your Dream Can Grow Your dream passes the tests, and you feel worthy of its coming true. But if you plant your dream in soil that has been choked out by weeds, then the dream can’t possibly grow. The weeds are fear. In the concrete world, you never get rid of weeds, do you? It’s the same with fear. Fear can choke out every good seed, if you let it. It’s impossible not to have fear – but we’ve got to learn to befriend it so we honor its presence but kick it out of the driver’s seat.

7. Turning Your Fear Into a Stepping Stone Everyone who experiences greatness experiences and manages fear. You will learn strategies and skills for deepening and developing your spiritual muscles for overcoming fear. It can be tempting to spend time with and entertain your fear thoughts. But in doing so, we lose the connection to our spiritual strength.

8. The Gap: 3 Practices That Will Get You Across Now you’ve spent time visioning, creating your dream, paying attention to your longing and discontent, testing your dream, making a decision for your dream and building a sense of deserving, you may be in a space called the gap – the space between the life you’ve known and the life you are creating. There are 3 aspects of the gap that can cause you to revert back to the gravitational pull of the familiar – your old life – and 3 practices can propel you forward. The fact is, we live in an abundant universe – but many of us experience a feeling of limitation. When you begin to understand you are an abundant being of your nature, you will demonstrate abundance in the area of your highest interest.

9. The Flow: Attracting Exactly What is Required to Build Your Heart’s Dream In this module, we’ll explore another part of living in greater abundance.The action of giving initiates the law of receiving – and you must know that while there is just one source (or presence, power, life, or energy), there are many channels through which good comes to us. Basically, if we are aligned with the generosity of the universe, we are open to the flow and experience of ideas, resources, circumstances and people.

10. Forgiveness: Liberating You From Constriction Any farmer knows soil must be as healthy as the seed for the crop to prosper. You can’t grow a healthy dream in toxic soil. Even the best dream cannot survive if it is planted in soil that is toxic with resentment. Wondering whether you have forgiveness work to do? Are you breathing? Yes, everyone has forgiveness work to do – it’s a mental, emotional and spiritual practice that opens the doors of perception and frees us to live a live worth living.

11. Forgiveness: Taking the Steps Between Separation and Connection Once you’ve identified where you need to practice forgiveness, you may feel like you’re at a loss as to how to actually do it. Even once you make a conscious decision to forgive someone for whom you harbor some resentment, resentment can creep back in. So how do you take the actual steps toward forgiveness? It’s hard work, but it’s possible – and while it doesn’t change your past, it changes your present and transforms your future.

12. The Life You Are Holding in Your Hands is Yours The life each one of us holds and experiences is controlled by what we do and what we choose. It’s time to move into the acceleration steps. There is a pull of becoming everywhere in the universe. You feel it in yourself, a seeking for the life that IS your life, to express freer, fuller, more expanded, more creatively. As you say “yes” to this, you get happier, find more creativity and more opportunity. When your life begins to expand this way, everything else pales compared to a life where you wake up in the morning and feel the natural feeling of being in harmony with your own life essence.

13. Building a Bigger Believing: Creating a Support System to Navigate the Gap In the 1930s, Andrew Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to study successful people. Hill discovered that successful people create a mastermind group – a group whose focus and intention is for helping each other be bigger than what they would be working alone. We’re going to discuss an actual, tested, working process for creating the support system you need to navigate the gap between where you are now and where you are in your dream.

14. Changing the Channel: A Frequency for Answers and Solutions It’s time to learn to be receptive, to be an empty cup the universe can fill with its abundance. A higher frequency is more compatible with answers, solutions, insight, inspiration and enthusiasm – it’s a way of taking the limited mind and moving it into the genius mind where any answer is available. In short, your dream will not happen from the mind that doesn’t believe it’s possible, or the mind that is convinced conditions have to change before you can get there. The conditions never change first. The conditions change because our thinking changed.

15. Failure: The Gift of Feedback Of any of the steps in dream building, the most difficult one is what we call failure. Yet, what we perceive as failure actually is information – it’s feedback. You may be receiving new direction for your dream, or the universe may be directing you to something that’s much greater for you. In the life of any dream building, things happen – things you couldn’t have predicted. The truth is, your reaction to and definition of those things will define you.

16. Harvesting Your Dream: The Beginning Who you become as a result of consciously taking this journey enables you to embark on one dream after another. Building a dream, no matter which stage you are in, opens you more and more to living a life of amplified aliveness. This natural feeling rises up in you more and more frequently as you stay true to this course. As you continue on your journey you will grow more and more into the person who is the person you are to be, and you’ll harvest your dreams again and again throughout the journey of your life.

“So what can I do to begin living my dream and enjoy the kind of life I have always envisioned?”

Great question. I am absolutely committed to supporting you to build your dreams and create a life you absolutely love living. I’m going to guide you all the way through your dream building journey.

Here are the SPECIFICS of how we’re going to do this … together:

1. You will receive The Dream Builder system by Mary Morrissey. It includes 16 audio CDs, 1 meditation CD and a complete guidebook in a beautiful leather-bound case. Each week you will listen to the assigned CDs and do the exercises in the guidebook.



2. Every Monday night starting June 27, 2011 at 6PM in groups. I will lead a 60 minute teleconference in which I will coach you in the application of the principles and practices taught in The Dream Builder so that you can begin creating that life you have imagined.

3. What’s the catch? You’ve got to invest yourself in this program – heart, mind and spirit – it’s the only way to build a dream.

So now your probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

Here it is, plain and simple. I’ve been where you are – right on the edge of something greater, something bigger than myself. And I know how good it feels to move forward – to take those steps toward living my dream.

For a limited time only, I’m offering the Dream Builder Coaching system for just $1497 $497.

If that seems like a lot right now, let me ask you this..

  • How much is it worth to you to learn an entirely new way of thinking that will put you directly in alignment with the abundance of this universe?
  • How much is it worth to you to realize that you hold the power to change your life and make it exactly what you want it to be – that there is a process in place for doing so?
  • And how much is it worth it to you to FINALLY experience true financial abundance? If you knew you would make as much money as you desired with this program?
  • How much would it be worth to you if this program actually worked and a year from now, you were living he life you imagined?


I can tell you from personal experience, that these principles DO work if you work them. I’m asking you to give your dream the chance it deserves by giving yourself the new paradigm you deserve. Do that, and the abundance you seek WILL come.

I’m so confident that you are going to grow with this program – and love the feeling of that growth. I also know that if you do the work and stick with the ideas outlined in the program, you’re going to start seeing real, concrete results immediately.

Just to back that up, I’ll give you 30 days after the end of the program to decide if it’s working for you. If, within 30 days after you complete The Dream Builder program, you don’t feel like it lived up to your expectations, you can ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Still not sure if the Dream Builder Coaching System is for you? Here are some answers to some questions you may be asking… 

Q: How do I know if this will really work for me?

A: The Dream Builder Coaching program will teach you how to align yourself with the laws of the universe. It’s that simple. If you apply the principles I’m going to teach you during this course, they will work for you – because they have to. The laws of mathematics always work, right? And so it is with the laws of the universe. This will work for everyone who takes the time to learn how to use it properly and expends the energy to practice it. Period.

Q: What if I don’t have the money to enroll in your program?

A: Part of building and living your dream is to stop thinking based on your circumstances and start thinking in ideas. Perhaps finding a way to pay for this course can be your first exercise in dream building. Imagine that you did not think it was impossible for you to afford this course. How could you pay for it?

Q: What if I don’t have the time to participate in the program?

A: Again, part of building and living your dream is to stop thinking based on your circumstances, your limitations. If you believed you could make the time, when would you fit this in? If participating in this course is part of your dream, then you can make it possible.

Q: How much time is it going to take?

A: I would block off 2-3 hours a week. Isn’t your dream worth THAT much? And think of it this way — after you’ve completed the program, you’ll be well on your way to making your dream come true, which is probably going to free up your time significantly. So yes, in the short term you’ll have to find some extra time to complete the work, but in the long term you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your dream come to life, abundance flowing freely to you, and more time to spend on what REALLY matters to you.

Now are you ready?

Yes, Sherry! I’m ready to Build My Dream!

Investment: Value $1497 NOW $497 (Limited Time Only!)

For Just $497

I understand getting:

•A complete system for getting clear on my dream and having absolute confidence on the next steps I can take to make that dream happen so that I experience a greater flow of abundance in my life and have the freedom to do what I want.

•A beautiful leather-bound case with 16 audio CDs (one for each module), 1 meditation CD and a complete guidebook.

•A weekly group coaching call with Sherry and other people passionate about building their dreams.

Value $1497 Now $497 (Limited Time Only!)

Are you ready to get started? Reserve your space today – your dream begins now.

To your success,

Sherry Gideons

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